Agricultural Biotechnology

Agricultural Biotechnology

Agricultural biotechnology is a field of research using a range of scientific tools and techniques to solve many biological problems by modifying organisms like plants, microorganisms and animals. To characterize these modified organisms, PolyQuant offers qualitative and quantitative analysis of plant and other tissues e.g. systems biology, expression profiling and comparative proteomics.


Plant enzyme analytics

Characterization of recombinant organisms

Analyze plant proteome in response to environmental changes

Quantitative determination of endogenous and exogenous protein expression

Quantitative determination of protein expression in different plant tissues

Elucidate regulatory pathways

Our offer

We offer individual support comprising comprehensive assay development, from consulting to quantification for research projects and routine applications in agricultural biotechnology.


Build on our expertise in performing plant proteomics.

Receive continuous support and updates for your plant proteomics project. 

Obtain high quality data and full reports.


For more information, assistance and support in planning and execution of your plant proteomics project you can contact us

E-Mail: info[at]

Phone: +49 (0)9405 96999 10

Fax: +49 (0)9405 96999 28

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