Quality control

Production of biosimilars and biologically derived pharmaceuticals (e.g. recombinant protein production) requires sophisticated quality control. Besides identification of the major protein component after purification, it is also necessary to determine co-purified components like host cell proteins and the integrity of the purified protein.

PolyQuant provides solutions for the identification and quantification of the proteinaceous compounds in a mixture, the detection of sample impurities, chemical modifications etc.

We offer both primary scanning for possible contaminants via untargeted proteomics and full method setup for routine scanning of known common contaminants via targeted proteomics.

Our offer

Peptide and protein analytical services for quality control of:

  • Biopharmaceutical proteins
  • Proteins generated by recombinant expression
  • Proteins purified from biological material

Our services include

Host cell protein analysis

Determination of protein purity

Protein integrity (intact mass, degradation products)

Chemical modifications

You receive

Comprehensive analysis, performed and evaluated by experienced professionals

Complete reporting

For more information, assistance and support or to ask for a quote, please contact us

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